Age of Apes APK v0.41.9 (Unlimited Money) Latest 2022

Age of Apes APK Strategy games is a dime a dozen in the world of mobile gaming. There have been a number of successful games in this category, particularly, Clash of Clans, and similar games. These games are extremely popular due to the fact that they’re so in-depth and are so addicting.

App Name Age of Apes
Publisher ApkMod _APkLoots
Genre Strategy
Size 65.13 MB
Latest Version v0.41.9
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
Get it On
Update May 24, 2022

A highly anticipated game in this category is Age of Apes. It was created by tap4fun and has earned nearly half a million downloaded from Google Play Store. Within the realm of this game, humans have disappeared and only monkeys are left. The only issue is that the planet is getting a shortage of bananas! You have to fight the other monstrous hordes to be the first one to discover the universe! Can you do it?

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What is the Age of Apes APK MOD?

Imagine a world in which the humans have left leaving only the primates been left? There’d have to be chaos when they scurry across the last bananas, isn’t it? This is exactly the idea behind Age of Apes. In this universe, you must fight other groups of monkeys in order to be the first to get there first.

Build and manage your outpost. Find strong monkeys, and equip them to battle powerful mobs of monkeys! You must protect and manage convoys of precious resources to ensure it is possible to launch rockets. You can compete against the other players around the world! There will be plenty of bangs but you must think about how to be successful. There’s a lot to consider, particularly for novices, but you must to be doing it to make the most of bananas!

Download The Age of Apes Mod APK Latest 2022

Age of Apes APK

Then you can start downloading and installing it. Age of Apes Mod apk for Android. The new strategy game is developed by tap4fun. The human world is over and the age of Apes is in the making now, so get going and become part of the largest Horde to fight and explore the universe. We will be reading more about the game later however, for now, there is the mod Apk for the Age of Apes game which will let you access unlimited resources of the game like coins and money that will allow you to unlock new characters with improved combat capabilities as well as upgrades you can choose.

Age of Apes APK MOD Features

Strategies are all the rage nowadays. They may appear simple initially, but they require an enormous amount of thinking and experimentation. If you’re among the individuals who are passionate about this and you’re looking for a game, the Age of Apes is for you. These are the features of Age of Apes:

Cooperate: At the beginning to play during Age of Apes, you’ll be asked to select one of the legendary Ape Hordes! Each one is distinct and has unique characteristics which are suitable for certain items. The hordes consist of Brutal Shooters, Chaotic Gunners, Wicked Aristocrats, Expert Bombers as well as Cold Mechanics! Each one of them has distinctive personality traits and distinct particularities. It’s entirely dependent on you which team you’ll join. However, make sure you are the one to lead your team to victory!

Age of Apes APK

Create your own army and outposts: principal goal for this type of game is to travel the space around you in search of new homes that are bursting with bananas! In order to achieve this, you’ll have to be able to compete against other monkeys trying to achieve the same. Create your outpost by stealing convoys of resources from other Hordes. Develop your outpost through the construction of various structures and other items! However, most important, you must get a large number of monkeys in order to increase the strength of your troops!

Explore the space: The outer space since humans have become extinct, it’s now up to the monkeys to travel to outer space to search to find food, shelter, and even food. To accomplish this, you need to protect and manage convoys of valuable materials to power your rocket. Combat monkeys from other Hordes and engage in massive PvP battles. However, most important is to utilize strategies to be able to survive the world of animals!

The fun and realistic graphics: graphic design in Age of Apes is similar to other games like Clash of Clans. The game lets you use the top view so that you are able to see all of the actions. In general, the buildings, characters as well as surrounding are planned extremely well. Communicate CommunicationIn this section you can also create strategies with your friends! Utilizing the unique social system that allows you to plan hijacks, plans, and much more. Also, you can watch the news channel in-game to get live updates on game events!


  • Join the ranks of an elite group of monkeys in one of the six legendary Hordes
  • Guard and guide convoys of valuable resources to boost the power of your Rocket!
  • Take on monkeys from other Hordes and participate in huge PVP battles!
  • Get acquainted with other members of your Alliance!


  •  Constructors steal convoys with resources brought by other Hordes
  •  Build your outpost in order to rule the world of monkeys
  • Create your own army, and build the most strong monkeys!
  •  Make plans to stay ahead of similar Hordes on this Rocket race!


  • From Roger who is the Intendant all the way to Junior the Horde Leader in the most terrifying way, get to know our awesome cast of monkeys
  • Discover a post-apocalyptic landscape filled with unexpected surprises
  •  Fight PVE fights against the terrifying White Mutants.
  • *Explore all over the globe, and discover old Ruins and massive Bosses!


Age of Apes MOD APK game brings you back to the pre-evolution period of monkeys, however this time, they’re intelligent to make use of modern technology and equipment. Join a Horde and become a key player to battle other hordes of apes, and become the first to make it to Galaxy.

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