FMWhatsApp APK v21.10.0 ( Mod Anti-Ban) Latest 2022

FMWhatsapp APK Mod is a certified alternative to the original Whatsapp which comes with a range of additional features. The official WhatsApp application has no problems but it is missing certain options that make it more useful to use. FMWhatsapp Apk includes a variety of features that the standard WhatsApp app does not have. It doesn’t matter whether you’re employing the standard WhatsApp app or the modified version.

App Name FM Whatsapp
Publisher Apkloots
Version 21.10.0
Total Downloads  3,000,000+
App Size 53.27MB
Update  July 3, 2022

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We’re always searching for the most effective app with the greatest features. There is a variety of Whatsapp MOD APKs accessible on the internet today Some of them are authentic replicas of the original application without additional features as well as others that are not genuine. Therefore, we’ve selected to gather these WhatsApp MODs from trustworthy websites and then make them available to you.

What is FMWhatsapp APK?

Instant messaging is among the most well-known methods of communication today since it’s much easier to users than email or phone calls. Many amazing applications like Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger, and Hike were created in the form of Instant messaging platforms around the world.

Whatsapp Messenger is the most popular platform that a lot of people utilize as an instant messaging application since it’s more user-friendly and has an easy-to-use interface.

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging platform that allows you to send messages immediately and without any cost. It operates on the same Internet plan your sim is on, and it allows you to make free international video and voice calling via your internet service.

Why FMWhatsapp APK Mod?

There’s a reason people prefer using MOD APK instead of the official app. Utilizing the FMWhatsApp APK MOD enhances the overall experience for the user. MOD developers modify the application’s features, and continuously add new features. The general consensus is that MODs offer more features over the original app. People prefer to use apps from that the WhatsApp APK rather than the official version because of their desire for security and the addition of new features expand. This is because mods bring more features in the game which weren’t included in the initial version.

Download MOD FMWhatsApp APK

Download FMWhatsApp APK

Additionally, Whatsapp is available for nearly all devices, Android, iOS, and Windows in addition, it can be used with web browsers.

After you enable the permissions after enabling the permissions, the WhatsApp messenger will automatically sync your contacts and list all of your family and friends who use the same service.

You can then easily send messages to them or make calls to your friends (voice or audio) Also, you can make groups for your family and friends.

Apart from these options, Whatsapp also allows you to send messages by creating a list of contacts. So that you can communicate with hundreds of contacts with one click using the app.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to see the Status page in FM WhatsApp APK and FMWhatsApp APK, which means this is the same feature that you can find on Instagram and Facebook stories. Instagram or Facebook stories.

On this page, you can check out your partner’s daily updates, as well as you can post updates to your own personal stories on the page.

Additionally, WhatsApp is trusted by more than 1.5 billion people around the world We can confidently claim that it’s the top Instant messaging platform in the world.

About FMWhatsApp APK

In spite of having all the above options the vast array of options that users want within WhatsApp in its instant-messaging application. Features like the download of status, Whatsapp logs, automatic replies, DND option, customizing the wall, and more are not available on the main WhatsApp application.

Many developers released various modifications of WhatsApp to give you the most unique features including the GB Whatsapp, FMWhatsApp as well as Whatsapp Gold. Today, in our series of WhatsApp variations, we’ll look at what’s known as the FMWhatsapp APK.

In essence, FM Whatsapp is entirely distinct in comparison to the standard WhatsApp app as it offers you additional features, including an auto-reply feature, customization and Freezes last seen. deactivate forwarded messages, read the messages that have been deleted, and many more.

When you use FM WhatsApp Download the amazing theme selection of WhatsApp. Additionally, it’s an anti-ban application, meaning you don’t have to fret about bans however, please make sure you make use of a demo account to get the first time to test your security.


  • It is compatible with any Android device that runs it’s Android 4.4 version, regardless of whether it’s root or not.
  • With this application, you can block last seen as well as your online status.
  • You can make a list of the people who are able to contact you through this application. It is also possible to remove unwanted calls made by those that aren’t listed in your list of contacts.
  • View statuses hidden by this application or don’t inform your contact that you’ve checked their status.
  • You can also see the status of your contact, even or if the contact has been deleted by the user.
  • If you are using this app, nobody can erase the message for you.
  • You may also show your contacts blue ticks following responding in their message.
    It also comes the WhatsApp lock feature that you can make either the PIN lock, or Pattern lock.
  • In addition to all of these features Apart from all these, the FMWhatsApp APK also contains a large collection of FMThemes which you can personalize Your WhatsApp wall.
  • It has more than 2000 themes as well as a variety of distinct font styles.
  • You can also personalize the appearance of your WhatsApp home screen using this application.
  • FMWhatsApp APK provides you with the DND option known as Airplane Mode. Once you have turning it on, you’ll be able to end receiving WhatsApp messages.
  • It has more than 20 styles of ticks and bubbles.

Hiding the Last Seen

FMWhatsApp APK

In WhatsApp conversations, some users typically want to block the last time they were seen. You can turn off the last sighting using the original Whatsapp application. However, you will not be able to view the last sightings of other users on Whatsapp because FM Whatsapp APk will permit you to see the last photos of other users, but they aren’t able to see yours. Download FM Whatsapp APK.

Hiding Status View

FMWhatsApp APK

This is another great feature in FM Whatsapp APK. Most people prefer MOD due to the more security options it gives. Users who have posted stories on their status won’t know that you are monitoring their status when you utilize this tool.

Showing Blue Ticks

FMWhatsApp APK

The feature in FM Whatsapp may be useful for you as it permits users to remain completely unnoticed and not even inform your contacts that you’re using WhatsApp and reading messages, but not responding to messages. We often receive messages and read them, but we aren’t able to reply because of a myriad of reasons. So, what’s the solution to this? The transmitter can only see blue ticks if you respond to them, and not in the event that you only get the message because of FM WhatsApp.

Conceal Double Ticks

FMWhatsApp APK

This is another great option to use FM Whatsapp. By using this feature, a user won’t be able to see the double ticks, which indicate that the message has been delivered to the recipient, as well as the blue ticks, which indicate how the person who received the message has received the message. However you will receive the text , but the sender will see only the blue ticks once you reply to them, and not just looking at the text.

Concealing Typing Tag or Action of Recording

If you’re chatting with someone else and then enable this feature it won’t show that you’re recording notes or typing for that person. Install FM WhatsApp now to experience these exciting features with the best security.

Disabling Tag of Forwarded

The tag is a symbol for “forwarded” when we forward an email to a group or to friends. This could be irritating occasionally. However, thanks to the capabilities that comes with FM Whatsapp, we can send any message and not inform other users that messages sent to them were repeatedly sent before they reach them.


You can customize a range of elements, like themes. FMWhatsApp APK has almost 100 themes. New wallpapers are also available. In FMWhatsApp APKyou can convert the font’s style and also the language. You may also upload a 7-minute status. This feature allows users to see deleted statuses and messages. The details are available at absolutely no cost. There is no obligation for any cost Everything is absolutely free.

Security Concerns

The app is quite decent and elegant, with gorgeous themes and a user interface. The only issue is the fact that this is a mod version, which means that I cannot be sure to trust any mod apps as it could steal data from your phone. However, if you’d like to download this application, ensure to download the app through the official website of the developer.

Low Speed Because of so many options, FMWhatsApp APK works slightly more demanding than the official WhatsApp. This is a major drawback that affects any and all FMWhatsApp APK mods.

Guidelines of Installing FMWhatsApp APK

To start to begin, you must delete or deactivate the official WhatsApp app , or the older versions of FM WhatsApp APK.

  1. To download FM WhatsApp’s latest version APK go to the link above.
  2. This application is saved on device’s storage on the gadget.
  3. Switch to switch between Android Settings and Security Settings.
  4. Select the option to install apps from unknown sources.
  5. Navigate into the downloads directory, and select to download the FM WhatsApp APK.
  6. The installation of the application will be complete after you click the Install button.
  7. Then, you can open the app and sign in using your phone number.


FMWhatsApp offers the highest reliable mod version of WhatsApp that provides users with a wealth of excellent features, as well as the option of a variety of bubble styles, themes as well as font designs.

In addition to these features, apart from these, FM WhatsApp APK comes with a host of other features that help improve the security of your WhatsApp Account. It is easy to download and install this amazing app by clicking the link within this post. Be amazed by its features now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I install FM WhatsApp APK for Android devices?

Absolutely, FMWhatsApp Apk is secure to install and works on every device, so it doesn’t require a superior processor or frame rate on your device to use it. Security is our primary concern, we have also tested this application on a variety of high-end security testers and the results were fantastic.

Can I uninstall the FM WhatsApp app at any time I’d like to?

Yes, after the installation and downloading of FMWhatsApp APK on our website It is possible to uninstall it at any time. Furthermore, you will not have to follow any additional procedure to remove this application since it is easily deleted by the default uninstallation procedure.

Do I have to grant access to the FMWhatsApp APK to run it? FMWhatsApp APK?

There are certain permissions you have to set to use the FMWhatsApp app. Permissions include Contacts and call logs , for sync of contacts with media and storage, sharing images and videos and Camera to take videos and photos instantly using FMWhatsApp.

How can I update FM WhatsApp APK?

In the next few months, you don’t need to update the app as it’s the most recent version of WhatsApp and, however, as soon with the official WhatsApp launch, an update will be released is scheduled to be released immediately. latest version FMWhatsApp APK to this site.

Do I risk being banned for the use of FM WhatsApp APK?

FMWhatsApp APK FMWhatsApp APK is an anti-ban variant of WhatsApp However, if you’re planning to use all of its MOD features make sure to first try the app on a trial or a different phone number WhatsApp account.

All in all, FMWhatsApp is an excellent application for users who require more features and a beautiful user interface. It offers unique features that the official WhatsApp does not have. If you have questions regarding the application, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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