GBWhatsapp APK v21.10.0 [Anti-Ban] Latest 2022 Download

App Name GBWhatsapp
Publisher Apkloots
Version v21.10.0
Mod Info  Anti-Ban/ Extra
App Size
50 MB
Update  July 3, 2022

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GBWhatsapp APK is among the most popular apps available for Android. It’s a no-cost version of WhatsApp and is still one of the top apps available. There are two methods to download the GBWhatsapp APK. The link on Google Play Store is the official one and is the easiest method to download the application. If you are having issues with Google Play Store or if you’re not interested in installing unfamiliar apps on your smartphone Then you are able to install GBWhatsapp APK from a different site.

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About GB WhatsApp APK

WhatsApp is among the most popular apps as many people use the app for instant messaging.

The primary function of this application is to communicate with clients, friends, or family members of anyone in any part of the globe via instant messaging. This made the process incredibly simple.

You can also share media files, such as videos, songs, pictures Documents, and more through internet access to any user. The greatest thing about this is that there is no requirement to purchase any kind of subscription for that you only need a stable internet connection. Additionally, the user interface is great and you’ll be able to utilize it.

For creating a group, you simply need to click on Create an account and choose contacts to do.

Download GBWhatsApp APK Latest 2022 Version

Download GBWhatsApp APK

GBWhatsApp APK is among the most-loved WhatsApp mods available for your device. This mod however it isn’t accessible for download from the app stores. But you’re in luck as we’ve added an option to download this app’s GBWhatsApp APK installation below.

Even if you’ve lost an important message that you have lost, you can find it using Google’s search function.

Everything is great however, this app requires many more features, like themes and the option to download status updates along with fonts, and more. In this regard, we present an application called GB WhatsApp APK.

It’s akin to a MOD to WhatsApp It’s the only way to take advantage of all the additional unique features that we require to use in WhatsApp Prime.

Why GBWhatsApp APK instead of the official WhatsApp?

GBWhatsapp It’s identical to the official WhatsApp however, it has additional features that are amazing because there are many themes and font styles. within this application.

The app comes with more helpful features like when someone is online, or if you change your contact info or username, you’ll be notified via the log menu. So from my point of view, it’s better than the official WhatsApp due to its accessibility and its user-friendly interface. It is simple with GBWhatsapp APK Newest You can also create backups of messages using your file manager using this app.


  1. The theme selection of GBWhatsapp Apk is amazing. We updated the application to include endless themes and around 200+ font styles.
  2. You are able to stay online all day long without having GBWhatsapp Apk open.
  3. It is now possible to alter blue tick colors, styles as well as Chat head style.


  1. GBWhatsapp is supported on Android and iOS platforms only. It is not available for Windows.
  2. You are able to back up information using the file manager as Google Drive isn’t available in GBWhatsapp A.
  3. There is a small chance that your account will be temporarily blocked and If you install it again after the ban, your account will be permanently blocked.
  4. The app isn’t accessible on Google Play Store or any phone’s official app store.

What’s New In GB WhatsApp

  • Images with stickers are able to be tagged.
  • Texting and chatting is possible anytime, anyplace to anyone.
  • You can enable archive chat by entering three dots.
  • You can add contacts using scanning the Scan barcode.
  • It is possible to change the theme with this MOD.
  • You can use multiple accounts with this application.
  • You can upload up to 80 images.
  • Hide double tick (Online status).
  • Always online feature is accessible.
  • The backup feature is now available.
  • You can block chats within this MOD.

Features of GBWhatsapp

Since the previous version of the GBWhatsappversion was shut down approximately 9 months ago because of security concerns We are nowhere with the most recent version after an extended period. It is now back with many additional appealing features. We have listed the most important features below.

Auto Reply: The auto-reply function of GBWhatsapp is extremely useful for resellers, business accounts entrepreneurs, YouTubers, and entrepreneurs as a result of it, GBWhatsapp provides customers with an appropriate response automatically based on their message.

To do this, go to settings and select the auto-reply feature, and then create a reply according to the message you choose. This application will save your time and will handle the entire traffic to your site effortlessly, acting as your own bot.

DND: As per the DND option, if you’re using another application, GBWhatsapp will not interfere if you turn off DND. DND option. To enable it you need to click the airplane mode on the screen of the app.

Broadcasting Text Messages: Anyone who uses WhatsApp already knows about the WhatsApp broadcast messages feature, however when using the official WhatsApp messaging, you aren’t able to broadcast messages to groups. That’s why GBWhatsapp has the option of GBWhatsapp PK to broadcasting messages to WhatsApp groups, too.

Filter Messages: By applying the Filter Messages feature, you are able to filter messages from the past while removing the. You can then easily segregate unwanted messages.

Anti-Revoke Message: Anti-revoke refers to receiving back the text that was deleted by the person who sent it. It’s among the most amazing features of GBWhatsapp because it allows you to look up messages that someone does not wish to see.

Sharing Live Locations: The sharing of live locations wasn’t possible at the first version of this app was designed. However, now you can broadcast your live location (location) within eight hours.

Revoke Multiple Messages: As I mentioned in the previous post about revoking deleted messages, in this case, it is possible to remove multiple messages at one time.

Hiding Blue Ticks With GBWhatsapp: you can block blue ticks, or even the visible report on the mobile of the frontman without notifying him about it. You can also block blue ticks only for those people you would like to.

Reply Automatically

For starters it is possible to use the option of auto-reply anytime you want to reply to your friends.

Do Not Disturb Mode

If you’re using an alternative application on your Android device and don’t wish interruptions from Whatsapp messages You can select the Do Not Disturb feature to disable the internet connection for the entire GB of Whatsapp all by itself.

Text Broadcast

Text messages broadcast by Broadcast can be broadcast to groups that are a great feature.

Filtering messages

The Filter Messages function of the GB Whatsapp APK allows you to filter chats and clear messages.

Message opposing revocation

The messages about anti-revocation are part of this application.

The effects of HTML0 are exceptional.

When sending videos and photos to family and friends Users can apply stunning effects.

Live Location Sharing

GB Whatsapp allows users to communicate their current location to their friends.

Sharing Many Photos

Additionally, when compared to the official Whatsapp users, you can send more than 90 photos. It is possible to send your contacts an image of 50MB as well as an audio file that is 100 MB.

More Interesting Features of GBWhatsapp APK

Freeze Last Seen: The ability to freeze last sightings is an amazing function of the GBWhatsapp application since it allows you to freeze last seen using the privacy settings. This means that no one will be able to see when you last logged online. time.

Hide View Status: If you’re watching the status of someone else on WhatsApp official application, the person will be informed that the status you have read. However, GBWhatsapp offers a feature that lets you block your view of that status quickly.

Send Maximum Photos: According to WhatsApp 2020s T&Cs the media sharing feature permits you to share up to 30 images in one go. With the GBWhatsapp APK, you can send the maximum number of photos to a person simultaneously.

Endless Themes: Innovative design is one of the major advantages of GBWhatsapp because it allows you to create WhatsApp look stunning by using the endless themes. It is also possible to download the themes through any browser by searching the GB Whatsapp theme.

Status of Download: Downloading status is enjoyable because you don’t have to inquire about the status from your friend if it are able to download it on your side. This is why you can download status from GBWhatsapp including the ability to download statuses of others. you can download a video status with ease.

Incredible Font: Apart from having an impressive collection of themes, GBWhatsapp also has plenty of font styles, and you cannot alter messages from your side, but also from the side of the user to whom you’re sending the message.

History of Messages: Using the GBWhatsapp app is insane because you can check your history of messages even after you’ve deleted or canceled the messages using logs.

Alter contacts: Altering contact means designing contacts so that you can alter each contact’s color for different people individually through GBWhatsapp so that you can recognize them quickly.

Mark messages that have not been read: It is possible to mark unread messages with ease using the option of marking them in a specific way.

Select All Chat: When you search messages with the search bar, or view an individual message from a guy and you wish to choose all chats simultaneously in the GBWhatsapp Home screen.

Hide Your Status: It’s accessible on WhatsApp’s official application. It’s easy to conceal the status of people who you do not want to reveal.

Highest Quality Image: Image quality matters greatly, as you are you send images to WhatsApp officials, and if you wish to send the same image in the same quality it is necessary to upload it as a doc file. While using GBWhatsapp it is possible to send videos and images with the same quality and size directly to another user.

Log History: The log history feature is one of the best features offered by GBWhatsapp. If you click”log” you’ll learn about the times an individual was online, when he updated his status if he altered his profile picture or anything else as espionage.

Language: When you deinstall the app, the last language you selected will be automatically added whenever you install it. Also, this application has an extensive set of alphabets.

Popup Notifications: Like WhatsApp, GBWhatsapp also gives pop-up notifications with the option of replying and you can remove it completely from your screen to do so. You just need to go into the settings for notifications and switch off the notification that pops up off.

How can I transfer messages in WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp?

Back up your conversations on WhatsApp. (In WhatsApp settings, go to Chat settings and back up your conversations’)

  • Install GBWhatsApp’s APK (follow instructions from the previous question).
  • Once verification is completed, you will be asked to upload the backup.
  • Take the initiative to accept this request and import your conversations.

GBWhatsApp APK for iOS?

There’s a piece of great information for iOS users: GBWhatsapp is now available for iOS but it’s not yet available in the App Store. If you’re an iOS user, simply click the link below, and the file will begin downloading.

Once you have installed it, simply install the app and log in using a one-time password (OTP) Then, you can enjoy GBWhatsapp using the iPhone as well as any other apple device.

Installation Guide

There is no GBWhatsApp MOD version on the Play Store and Google Play, so you have to download it from our website and then install it manually. If you’re interested in knowing how to install the GB WhatsApp on your smartphone or Android You can follow this guide to install it.

GBWhatsApp APK Instalation Guid

To install a GBWhatsApp MOD download APK file on the OS of your Android or mobile phone You may have to switch on the “Unknown sources” option, which is located in the settings menu security, security, and unknown sources. Follow these steps.

Installation Method for GBWhatsapp APK

GBWhatsapp APK Instalation Method


WhatsApp can be the most popular app for messaging and business, sharing media and more. GBWhatsapp offers a variety of features. You can modify the WhatsApp front-end appearance using this application. You can alter the WhatsApp theme or font, as well as the logo of the app to suit your preferences.

This app is worthy of your trust, however, due to some security concerns, in the event that your account is temporarily suspended, please do not attempt to use the app time for that account because this issue is occurring across many accounts. Therefore, stop worrying about that and download GBWhatsapp Apk now to explore all the amazing features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the reason? GBWhatsApp APK is not available in the Play Store

The GBWhatsApp APK was developed by a third-party developer. However, due to licensing and copyright issues, the app isn’t on the PlayStore.

Can I use each of the WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp APKs installed in the same place?

It is not possible to keep simultaneously WhatsApp as well as GBWhatsApp APK on the same device.

Is GBWhatsApp an app developed by the WhatsApp company?

This is an unofficial application created by independent developers and not supported by the WhatsApp company.

What is the reason? GBWhatsApp APK is not available in Play Store?

The GBWhatsApp APK is created by a third-party developer. Due to license and copyright issues, the app isn’t in the PlayStore.

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