Hotstar Premium APK v12.4.0 (Premium/VIP) Latest 2022

Everybody loves watching TV Shows, Movies, Cricket, and Live Sports whenever they have the chance. Hotstar Premium APK is one of the most loved streaming apps in India. This app allows you to access Movies, TV Shows, and Live TV.

App Name Hotstar
Genre Entertainment
30 MB
Latest Version v12.4.0
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Price Free
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Update May 30, 2022

Hotstar can be used to stream Live Cricket and IPL as well as other TV shows. Hotstar is extremely popular among Sports Enthusiasts who love to watch Cricket Matches.

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The app supports 9 languages, including Hindi, Bengali, and Telugu as well as English, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Marathi, and Malayalam. The app allows you to watch your favorite shows uninterrupted.

What is Hotstar Premium Apk ?

Hotstar , an entertainment platform that is free on Google Playstore, has some limitations that you can remove by purchasing the premium version. This app provides a full entertainment package that includes a wide range of Tv shows, channels and series from multiple genres.

Hotstar Premium APK

You can watch your favorite sports live, such as football and cricket. You can stream multiple channels, including Star Plus and HBO. Enjoy vivid HD graphics and high resolution. You can choose from many languages and you can turn on subtitles.

What is Hotstar Premium Apk and how do I use it?

Hotstar premium mod Apk is a modified version of the app that offers premium content at no cost. This mod version will allow you to access your favorite shows, blockbuster movies, and other content for free.

Mod versions allow you to stream offline and avoid annoying ads. You also have access to premium content, as well as streaming offline. This version does not require login permissions or processes.

Hotstar has English movies?

Hotstar is an entertainment platform offering a wide range of TV series, movies, Tv shows, and live cricket matches. It also offers access to many other channels. Yes, you can catch your favorite English movies and Tv shows and many more.

Is Hotstar apk free?

You will need to buy the premium version to enjoy Hotstar’s free. This includes all movies and Tv series as well as multiple channels such as HBO, star plus, and live cricket. You don’t have to buy the subscription package, but you can download the mod version and get all it’s content free.

Disney+ Hotstar apk

This service delivers all-new content from Disney and 10,000 hours of movies in almost 9 languages. This app offers a unique experience that allows you to watch content in a way you have never experienced before. Both iOS and Android users can access it. The old interface for Disney Hotstar was a combination of green and white. Now, it is possible to have a black dark mode user interface.

You also get huge benefits from the free version. The only problem with the free version is the ads. As well as streaming Movies, Videos, you will be seeing lots of ads in the app. You cannot also stream the most recent movies and shows with the free version.

Over the past few decades, the Public Internet has experienced incredible growth. It has even changed the whole outlook of the media service by dividing it into many distinct parts.

After a lot of growth, Online Video Streaming has become a hot trend in these parts. These services bring all the content of television right to your fingertips, via your mobile phone. Access to any content anywhere in the world is possible with a stable internet connection.

Download Hotstar MOD APK Latest

Download Hotstar Premium APK

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Global Video Platforms are becoming increasingly competitive. Netflix and Amazon Prime are some of the most prominent players in this competition.

These services are growing at an amazing rate, with Hotstar growing steadily after it acquired Disney’s features.

Hotstar, a service that has been exemplary since joining the Walt Disney Group, is recognized in the new revolution of Over-the-top services (OTT). Hotstar’s name is now Disney+ Hotstar, and it will be available in 2021.

Hotstar is a collection of hundreds of Disney films with millions of hours of entertainment. Disney also combined some of its highest-quality content, such as Star Wars, Marvel Series, and Lion King.

You will need to pay money to access this incredible entertainment. Plans start at 399 to 1499 INR depending on your usage.

Not everyone can afford to pay a lot of money just to watch cartoons and movies. We have the modified app Hotstar premium APK that allows you to access unlimited content from Disney+ MOD APP.

About Hotstar App

Hotstar is one the most popular OTT platforms. Hotstar was originally started by Star India as a subsidiary. It has since gained millions of viewers and traffic worldwide.

Star India has founded it in February 2015. It is used primarily to stream major sports matches like the Indian Premier League. Also, it collects all Star India episodes that are not available on television.

They began offering paid subscriptions one year later and separated most premium content from live streaming.

Today in 2021 there are more than 300 million Hotstar users, and approximately 8 million Hotstar subscribers who have purchased the Disney+ Hotstar membership.

Hotstar provides millions of hours of entertainment. In 2019, Hotstar broke the world record for the most-viewed streaming service in 24 hours. It acquired about 100 million views and 555 new downloads every minute.

When it comes to India, Disney Hotstar has the highest OTT audience of any platform. Hotstar, the only streaming platform to offer IPLs and almost all other leagues in ultra HD quality, is the most popular among Indians. You can stream it on your 4K TV.

You can choose from Vip or Premium to enjoy all the features. This article will provide more information about Hotstar Premium, including downloading and installing it free of charge.

Hotstar Premium APK

Hotstar Premium APK, a modified version of the application, has some scripts enabled. You don’t need to pay a single rupee for most paid features.

You will also get many additional features. You can also stream any live TV channels and premium Vip subscriptions without paying.

The application is well worth the effort and you will get a lot of content. It allows you to filter shows by genres or categories. The user interface is also excellent, as every show can be separated and organized into episodes and seasons.

Hotstar MOD APK will suit you if you don’t have the money to pay for a premium subscription. This mod is basically a modified version of the official Hotstar App. This mod allows you to access premium movies, T.V shows, cricket, and Vivo IPL free of charge.

Everything will be yours for free, and you won’t need to pay any subscription fees. This app is not for people who can’t afford a premium subscription. However, if you have the money to spend I highly recommend you purchase a subscription.

I’m not advocating piracy. I am only trying to help those who can’t afford the monthly or yearly subscriptions.

  • Check out the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies
  • Enjoy Vivo IPL cricket matches
  • Live cricket scores can be viewed online
  • Supports 9 different languages
  • You can watch the Pro Kabaddi League on your smartphone via the app
  • There are many more!

India’s top streaming platform

India has a large population. These streaming services are becoming more popular than ever. But not everyone can. Hotstar allows users to have both domestic and international content in one place. This is the ultimate Netlfix-killer for this country.

Hotstar is available to all, even if you aren’t from India. This app, which was launched in 2015, has been the most popular source of entertainment for many Indians. This app isn’t a knockoff app that aims to be as popular as the major ones.

Hotstar supports multi-language content, which is one of its key strengths. Hotstar doesn’t release movies or shows only from its side, unlike western counterparts. Hotstar has over 100 000 hours of movies and TV shows from around the world for you to enjoy. This app offers three categories: TV shows and movies, as well as sports. It goes deeper than this because each one has smaller subcategories that you can choose from.

Even if you don’t like local movies, this streaming app still offers you the best mainstream movies and shows, including Star Wars, Marvel movies, and many others. This app is universally accessible and caters to nearly every age and gender, no matter where you are located in the world. This app is a must-have!

Hotstar Subscription Plans

You can choose from two subscription types: pro and premium. The subscription plans differ in the amount of content and features they offer.

These subscriptions can be cancelled at any time to avoid automatic payments. Here is all the information you need about each plan.

Disney+ Hotstar Premium: Premium is the most expensive Disney+ Hotstar subscription. The best part about this article is that it also includes premium subscription content.

Its features include live streaming of every Disney sport, every Disney show, and all original Hotstar content.

You will need to pay 299.00 INR each month or 1499.00 USD per year to subscribe to this plan. This money is non-refundable. To be protected by additional payments, you can cancel your subscription at any moment.

Disney+ Hotstar download  is the cheapest Disney+ subscription. This plan is for those who cannot afford a Premium plan, or don’t require as many features. This plan is also more affordable, so features are minimal.

You will still get useful features, such as the ability to watch Disney+ sections’ entire shows. However, its audio quality is poor.

Another feature is the streaming of all sports with Hotstar’s original websites and entire TV serials and movies. You will need to pay 399.00 INR annually to use this plan. This plan does not offer a monthly trial.

What is the difference between Hotstar Premium and Hotstar Vip?

The paid subscription can now be purchased in hotstar apk Vip or Hotstar Premium. Both plans offer an ad-free experience. This means that you can stream your favorite movies and shows without interruptions.

Hotstar Vip allows you to access Live Cricket, Premier League, and many other shows. Hotstar Vip also includes an exclusive Hotstar Special that features new shows from India’s top storytellers. You will also have the opportunity to catch up on your favorite TV serials and shows at any time.

This means that you can watch shows online before they are broadcast on TV. This plan is available on a yearly basis and costs 365 INR.

Hotstar apk old version is not available on the hotstar apk Premium. Hotstar Premium allows you to watch the most recent American TV shows. This plan is perfect for those who enjoy watching foreign TV shows. You can also stream Hollywood Movies with this plan.

Hotstar apkis the perfect app for movie lovers. I hope you have found all that I can about Hotstar, the Hotstar Vip, and Hotstar Premium.

Hotstar MOD APK Features

Hotstar is the most popular OTT service and has been downloaded by over 300 million users. Amazon Prime and Netflix don’t even have half that number.

Its many features and an extensive collection of exclusive content are the reasons it is so popular. We are giving you the modified Hotstar Premium APK. It is the exact Hotstar app with some premium features that we have discussed below.

Premium & Vip Unlocked

Hotstar’s paid subscription plans are expensive. However, if you download Hotstar MOD from this article you will be able to receive both Premium and Pro subscriptions.

All the features will be available when you download this modified app, including all of those we have mentioned in these subscription details.

No advertisement

This is Hotstar MOD APK’s best feature, as blocking ads is a crucial feature that every streaming platform should have. We don’t want you to be stuck between ads. Ads are the worst minute of your life, and we care about what’s important.

This app will not allow you to be interrupted by advertisements. Hotstar Premium APK must be downloaded once only.

Sport and Live Content

Each Indian is the practitioner of the whole cricket platform and the entire sports industry. This feature has been modified in Premium APK.

This feature allows you to stream almost all sports content live. You can also cast it on Chromecast or smart TV with outstanding picture quality.

No Root Required

This is the most important feature of Hotstar Mod APK, as every MOD app requires root access to provide you with features. This article will show you how to access an app without root access, and provide many other specialties.

Rooting your device can cause damage to your security and payment protection.

Watch Hotstar originals

You will not only find a lot of TV content and movies, but also an enormous collection of Disney material. There is also a ton of Hotstar original content that is addictive.

This app will give you access to over 1,000 hours of original content. Criminal Justice, Kanpuriye, and Hostages are some of the most popular shows. There is also plenty of original content you should try at least once.

Unlimited Offline Download

hotstar apk latest version Online streaming apps have the offline download feature as a standard feature. This feature is available for free here.

Download it now to avoid data consumption in streaming movies live. You can also download them and view them on your phone at any time.

Hotstar Vip vs Hotstar Premium

There are some basic differences between Hotstar Premium and hotstar apk for android tv, and these are due to certain factors. These are the key differences between these subscriptions.

Price – To get unlimited entertainment for 365 days, the Premium Hotstar plan will cost you 1499.00 INR. The Vip version costs only 399.00 INR.

Quality- The Vip version may have some quality issues with sound and picture because it has a lower price. You will enjoy a 4k HD resolution picture and superior sound quality if you upgrade to the Premium version.

Language – Language is a key factor in making a difference. Because of low prices, the Vip version allows you to only view your movie in Hindi. This plan won’t work for men who prefer to watch Hollywood content in English.

You are safe and secure

Many applications aren’t always secure and cautious, and many people fear that certain software or apps could cause harm to their devices. Disney Hotstar is safe for your device. You can use it without any worries. This is proven by the fact that Disney Hotstar has been tested on many anti-viruses. So be calm, it’s completely safe and secure.


This article covers all aspects of Hotstar, including the installation guide, as well as information about the premium plans. Hotstar, in our opinion, is the best streaming service because it has an enormous collection of Indian Bollywood content as well as a large number of Disney content.

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