MX Player Pro APK v1.46.6 [Fully Unlocked, No Ads] Latest 2022

MX Player Pro APK 2022 Download for Android. This mod has no Ads in the app, and it is fully Unlocked. Video streaming and media players are a huge part of our lives today. The enjoyment of watching movies, videos web series, and TV shows are extremely important these days because they open the mind of every person and offer a multitude of ways of how to live life, form plans, mind-building, and so on.

App Name MX Player Pro
MX Media
Genre Entertainment
43 MB
Latest Version 1.46.6
MOD Info Fully Unlocked, No Ads
Price Free
Get it On
Update May 28, 2022

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Think about it, you have a Video Player with more than 100 options, not just to play local videos but also having excellent online content, wouldn’t that be fantastic? We are here today with a fantastic app called MX Player Pro that you can download it from Google Play Store,  you will have to pay the amount of Rs. 370.

Today, you can download this renowned media player for free. You can now enjoy local and online content and both with Pro features. Read the full guidelines for MX Player Pro and download MX Player Pro APK today.

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About MX Player Pro APK

MX Player is a well-known application that is available among the video players of the Play Store. It even ranks first on the most popular charts for the best editors and video players for free category in India.

It’s a robust Video Player with advanced hardware acceleration as well as multi-language subtitles support. This application requires reading external storage, cameras, Internet, and writing permissions for external storage.

It also offers AVI the ability to stream video, which is said to use between 40 and 50 percent of your data as well when downloading media.

What is MX Player Pro APK

This application provides the same AVI support. In the world of subtitles MX Player PRO  is the leading software when we consider subtitle formats offered through MX Player or compatible with the following formats:

  • DVD DVB and SSA subtitle tracks.
  • SAMI(.smi) comes with Ruby tag functionality.
  • SubRip(.srt)
  • MPL2(.mpl)
  • MicroDVD(.sub)
  • SubViewer2.0 (.sub)
  • TMPlayer(.txt)
  • PJS (.pjs)
  • Teletext
  • WebVTT(.vtt)
  • Substation Alpha with full-style.

The app has a wealth of content that spans hundreds of hours worth of video and TV shows and more. On the internet, you can download quickly using the app. But, you cannot transfer that content to your storage for data as you can with YouTube offline videos. It functions as an actual space for those downloaded videos.

It is possible to watch only in MX Player.  It also offers high-quality resolution videos that have high-quality audio and subtitles. MX Player also publishes its original content on Netflix as well as Amazon Prime.

MX Player Pro APK

The app also includes three types of decoders that are SW, HW as well as HW+. It can also be transformed into a music player, in which it plays music in the background of the app.

There are many options in this app, however, MX also released a paid application called MX Player Pro which comes with an immense collection of premium features you can download for free.

MX Player Pro is the exact app that is MX Player Pro, the MX Player official app, however, the main difference between both of them is the unique features that are built into Pro features in MX Player Pro. It differs in comparison to MX Player in terms of HD or UHD quality audio quality as well as the content it offers, as well as some additional features, such as music, gaming as well as no-ads, and more.

The app cost only Rs. 370 when you purchase it via the Google Play store or any app store. However, it’s a dream to have a professional version of the best multimedia player MX Player free of cost.

What is MX Player Pro APK MOD?

MX Player Pro can make the most efficient use of the specs on your device as it’s capable of using hardware acceleration, which makes for playback at a faster speed and with better quality videos!

Additionally, it is also capable of using multi-core decoding. This means that if your device is a dual-core processor, the videos will play even faster and run more smoothly.

The method of interaction through MX Player Pro is incredibly easy and enjoyable. You can swipe left or right through the menus. You can also swipe your fingers at the lower-left corner of the screen to select the exact moment in the video you wish to view; then slide it up and down on the left side to alter volume, etc.

The process of removing subtitles is simple to handle. You can use gestures to choose different subtitles. You can alter their size and color and alter their appearance as you like. Don’t fret! Subtitle formats don’t pose an issue; each of them is compatible with the application.

MX Player Pro is all about watching videos as you’ve always wanted to. The options for customization are endless and there’s not a single video that you won’t be in a position to read. Get MX Player Pro now and enjoy watching all the videos that you would like!

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Features of MX Player Pro APK

We’ve already discussed the major features of MX Player Pro. However, the list doesn’t stop there because there are many features that weren’t mentioned. the most important features. Below is the list of them. as follows:


No ads are one of the main attributes of MX Player Pro. Because no one would want to be sucked into an advert when watching a movie or video content on MX Player or even anything.

Today, ads are destroying everybody’s time. Time is the most precious thing for all of us, so you shouldn’t simply sit and watch advertisements, so don’t waste your time watching them. Therefore, whenever you play any online or video content on MX Player Pro apk, advertisements won’t bother you.

Watch 4K Video

MX Player can only support up to 1080p HD resolution But what happens if you wish to enjoy even higher resolution films like 4K or 2K? In this situation, you’ll need to download the MX Player Pro APK at no cost in this article.

MX Player Pro supports up to 4K HD video resolution. It will also work in the future, if a new HD feature is added, the app will work with that resolution.

Subtitles Gesture

This feature is important because if you’re watching a video from a different region or a movie in another language, and even if the subtitles are from the same country,, how do you comprehend that film?

But as new technology is changing the way we live of work, assets, and even software. They have created an MX Player Pro app with an option that works when you’re watching a new film in a different language. Subtitles will be automatically updated according to your region’s language.

Decoder SW/HW

The decoder is a device that assists us in converting codes into other forms because MX Player says codes are converted to video format through the decoder.

MX Player Pro includes three types of decoders, which include the HW (Hardware decoder) HW, the HW+ (Hardware Decoder combined with software decoder) as well as SW (Software Decoder) Decoder.

Of the three decoders, the SW encoder will be the best one because, by using it, you can enjoy numerous creative modifications including changing color code.

Online Media Streaming

It’s a common occurrence in the present, as if you’re bored, you can view films, TV shows and matches, sports, etc. for entertainment.

MX Player Pro gives the most enjoyable online streaming experience. Through the application, you’ll be able to not only stream MX Original content but also sporting events and more. If you’ve got an URL for the video, it is possible to also stream it with MX Player Pro.

Hide files/folders

Hiding files is also a possibility with the MX Player Pro’s newest update that lets you safeguard your external and internal folders and files without any additional application. You can now remove the vault application from your device and utilize MX Player Pro as a file-hider.

In-Built Features in MX Player Pro APK

Using MX Player Pro as Music Player

You can also save your internal memory and storage as well with MX Player Pro apk. MX Player Pro apk since it also functions as an application to serve as a vault for files and video player, music player, and more. This app also comes with the ability to play music, which is accessible by clicking on the music icon in the following options as well as streaming online music using this application.

File Sharing by MX Player Pro

If you own this powerful program that does everything and everything, you can remove Xender as well. Since file transfers have also become effortless with this app similar to Xender and Shareit Shareit, you can transfer any file at high speed using a wireless hotspot in a matter of minutes.

Gaming on MX Player Pro

Gaming is also a feature in the application. It allows you to play little games and earn cash similar to MPL in this MX Player Pro app. It comes with a range of games for kids, including LUDO, Chess, Quiz, Bubble Shooter, and numerous other games.

Whatsapp Status Downloading

I believe this is one of the greatest features of this app. Because the MOD applications of Whatsapp for downloading status it may result in the ban of your account. If you do use MX Player Pro for downloading WhatsApp status Your Whatsapp account will remain safe.


There’s no doubt MX Player Pro can give you the best experience when playing media files. In this case, you’ll have the option to download the top edition that comes with MX Player Pro.

Apart from having it for free, you’ll also have the ability to use it with no time limit so you’ll be able to make use of it for an extended period of time. Therefore, download MX Player Pro APK today and start enjoying all the amazing features for free without cost.

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