Pocket FM APK v5.6.7(VIP Membership Free)

Pocket FM Mod Apk well as FM radio channels. Hindi broadcasts, as well as six Indian languages as part of the pocket FM.

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If you’re a person who likes to listen to music that is random on the radio, or are interested in audio-based stories then you’re on the right track right now. We will present a wonderful application to you that comes with all the attributes you’ve been searching for. Pocket FM is an application that allows you to listen to podcasts, audio stories various courses, audiobooks, and radio. This application is extremely popular.

Pocket FM App

Pocket FM APK

Pocket FM app has millions of active users around the globe, which is why the app has thousands favorable reviews and reviews from users who love this application. Because this app offers many features, you will never get bored of the application as it can bring you joy. There is a radio station that allows you to listen to various channels from around the world for entertainment as well as listen to audiobooks from hundreds of titles in this app.

Pocket FM app has very excellent optimization. This is the reason it doesn’t have any complaints regarding delays. It runs smoothly and provides a smooth experience with no errors. It’s a light application and you do not require the latest mobile devices to run the application. It also doesn’t require huge storage capacity in order to use this program. Let’s take look at other advantages of this app that make it the best of the bunch.

What is Pocket FM APK?

The application is available in a basic version, which is free to download. This means you don’t need to pay for this app on your smartphone. In this version , you’ll only have a few stories music, English radio and English.

However, if you wish to have all these features, you must purchase Premium version this app. If you use pocket FM with the standard version you’ll also get ads. After you download this version, you will need to grant access to your phone to run the program on your phone.

What is Pocket FM Mod APK?

Pocket FM application has an updated version that gives you new features you’ll not get in the regular version of the pocket FM application. With this modified version, there is no need to purchase the premium features offered by this app because you’ll get access to premium features at no cost without cost.

You’ll be able to utilize all options and features at no cost in the modified version as this great version is free of charge. This is why there’s thousands of users who enjoy using the pocket FM application in the modified version since they don’t have to pay anything.

Pocket FM Mod APK Features:

Pocket FM Mod APK v5.5.2 (VIP Membership Free)


This is an exclusive characteristic of the Pocket FM application because it provides users with a variety of radio stations to listen to. All you have to do is switch on the radio in this application and it will automatically tune every channel that happens to be in your area and you won’t require any effort. The app provides access to radio throughout the day so you can listen at any time you like, without restriction.

Play Music

Pocket FM application has different kinds of music that you can listen to through this application. This means that when you use this application, there is no need for another application to listen to music. The application meets all demands of its users.

The reason why people are so happy and extremely content with the application. It offers relaxing music you can listen to before going to getting to sleep to help you sleep better. It is good to know that each update will add more music to this app.

English Courses

This feature is perfect for those looking to master the English language as pocket FM comes with this exclusive feature that allows you to learn English. If you’re from a different country and would like to learn English This feature is the one for you.

The application offers a variety of English spoken classes which you can listen to gain knowledge about the language. The developers of Pocket FM have created easy and simple courses, so you’ll never have to face any difficulties in learning.

Different Stories to Listen

Pocket FM has so many amazing features for its customers, which is the reason why this app has the highest rating all over the internet. If you like listening to stories from all over the world, then you don’t have to listen to anyone else because this app is unique in its feature which lets you listen to many stories, including horror romance, romantic, thriller mystery, love, crime and more.

This app is packed with more than 11000 million stories that you can hear on the app. The best part is that this application supports a variety of languages, so if you don’t speak any of the languages, don’t fret because you are able to switch it to any language you like.


Another amazing feature offered by pocket FM since with this feature, you can also broadcast your voice to the world via personal podcasts. Simply record your voice in high-quality and then upload it to the account you have created on this incredible platform. There are many voiceover artists on this platform which you can hear in a single tap.

It is possible to listen to motivational podcasts from different individuals which will tell their successes. The Pocket FM app also gives this feature that lets you discuss your thoughts via the comment section with others.


The app has an audiobook feature included in the app which will aid you in many features. You can utilize this feature to save your audios, and listen to the older ones you saved to use in the future.

Various Languages

There are a variety of languages available in the app, which you can utilize for your own purposes. If you’re not able to speak English or your target audience is another language, you are able to select a language and then use it.

No Membership Needed

The standard version of Pocket FM comes with a membership, which you must purchase to have full access to the application. If you don’t, you will not be able to properly use the application. However, in the mod version, there is no membership requirement since this version of pocket FM is completely free without membership.

This means that you will save money as you’ll get an app for your pocket for no cost and can access all features with no membership. If you are also interested in the app with no membership fees, download the mod version.

Fully Unlocked

As previously mentioned, Pocket FM offers a myriad of features and episodes , but a lot of them are locked, meaning you need to wait, or to buy the episodes.

The mod version offers users a mobile FM app that is completely unlocked. Users are not required to pay for every feature or episode since the application will be accessible to users. There is no need to wait around for anything when you are using the Mod version.

VIP Content

In the default version, you can’t play the premium content on this app. If you wish to play, you must purchase the monthly subscription of the application. If you have this application in mod version, you don’t have to pay for membership as all VIP content is available for no cost. You can play all the stories and audiobooks and access any radio channel in the mod version for no cost.

No Ads

Mod version of Pocket FM doesn’t include ads in the application therefore you won’t encounter any pop-up or video advertisements. Also, you don’t need to pay for removing advertisements since this version never costs users. This means you can use the application, without interruption.


  • Music to play
  • Radio
  • Diverse stories
  • Multiple audiobooks
  • Different podcasts
  • English speaking courses
  • An application that is well optimized
  • Lightweight app
  • Multiple languages
  • Attractive user interface


  • To access premium features, you must buy a membership in the regular version


Pocket FM is an amazing application due to the fact that it’s an absolute blast for users. Through this application, you can enjoy your music of choice, numerous audiobooks, various radio channels , and many other channels. This is why it won’t be boring. There are many people all over the globe are having fun.

If you are also looking for exciting stories and books, download the application for your pocket from our website and start listening to the stories and books. Before you leave, be sure you share your positive experience with pocket FM with others in the comments section.


Q. How do I get a Pocket FM Mod APK without the need for a membership?

If you don’t have a subscription of the app pocket FM do not worry as you can download the application with a mod version of the application without the need for membership.

Q. How can I get exclusive content on Pocket FM Mod APK for absolutely nothing?

To download VIN content from pocket FM for free, you have to download the app in a modified version, as it is the only way to receive the complete VIN content for absolutely free.

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