Spotify Premium APK v8.7.42.943 [Unlocked] Latest 2022

As we know Spotify is a music streaming app that allows you to listen to your favorite songs on your phone. You can either stream songs for free with ads, or you can upgrade to a premium account to listen without ads. Spotify also offers a family plan so you can share your account with up to 5 other people. You can create playlists, listen to podcasts, and more with Spotify Premium APK.

App Name Spotify Premium
Publisher Apkloots
Version v8.7.42.943
Mod Info Unlocked/ Download
App Size 29 MB
Update  July 1, 2022

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About Spotify Premium APP

Are you in love with playing music all the time? If yes, then Spotify Premium is your best option. It’s the best music streaming application for Android, iOS, and Windows. This app is rapidly becoming popular with music lovers and I myself use it constantly to listen to my favorite music.

With Spotify, you can stream your most-loved songs, tracks, and a podcast for no cost. You may however be able to see ads in every song. If you’re looking to rid yourself of those annoying ads, then you are able to download Spotify Premium APK at no cost. You don’t need to spend a dime on subscriptions.

Spotify Premium APK

Streaming services have become so well-known today, and if you examine the history of music streaming, it was first introduced with the WAV, MP3, and AMR types of music.

The music streaming revolution started around the year 1999 when Napster was the first to catch the attention of many music enthusiasts across the US. At the present, after lots of technological research, it is possible to find services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Gaana, Saavn, and many more services for streaming music.

In fact, YouTube also began streaming music after discovered a wide in market. It launched its new service or its new application called YouTube Music. This time, we’ll be looking at one of the most popular global streaming services for music today.

Spotify Premium Apk Mod

Spotify mod apk latest is the very first streaming service following Napster that shook up the entire music revolution. The service was launched by the Swedish government in Sweden offering music albums with DRM restrictions as well as podcasts and lots of videos.

Following the time that Napster was banned due to its illegal work, Spotify began to work with free internet music and everyone who liked iPad music received the same amount of money.

It quickly became the most popular way to provide millions of tracks and podcasts for free without cost. Spotify includes around 500k audiobooks and 50 million tracks.

When we look at the 14 years that Spotify mod apk 2022 has been in existence, Spotify has gained the 232 million people who use it worldwide of which around 100 million people are enrolled in Spotify Premium Membership, which is expensive.

Premium Subscription provides you with the most enjoyable experience with music with no advertisements and includes some of it’s premium offerings.

Spotify can also arrange music every day to suit your tastes as it filters music suitable to your tastes genre, genre, and your favorite artists. It also assists you in finding similar songs and artists according to your preferences.

Spotify Premium APK

Spotify Premium offers a paid subscription of Spotify Premium APK and is different from its free counterpart in offering a variety of additional features. Spotify is among the most popular apps on the Google Play store today.

There are plenty of other music streaming platforms in India such as Gaana, Saavn, and many more however none of them will be compared to Spotify when you’ve got a Spotify Premium APK account.

Today we are going to offer you with Spotify Premium Subscription for absolutely free, with no security issues or bugs We must therefore take the time to read the entire article and then enjoy it.

Spotify Subscription Plans

Spotify provides six different subscription plans for its customers that range from the cheapest to the most costly. The plans are all different in terms of features. Find out more about each of its plans

1.) Spotify Free – This is the package that you can download without any money when you install the app. There are a lot of disadvantages to using the app, including ads, poor quality of sound and only six skips every hour and more.

2.) 1-year Premium (51 percent off current offer) This plan provides one year’s access to the unlimited selection of albums with no interruption due to advertisements. It also offers top-quality music. This subscription is priced at 690.00 INR and expires within one year. This is an offering plan that will end on August 16, 2022.

3.) Premium Individual: The Premium Individual plan is exactly the similar to a one-year premium the only difference between the two subscriptions is that with this subscription plan you will have to shell out 119.00 INR for a month, while in the above plan, you are only required to shell out 690.00 INR per month for twelve months.

4.) Premium Family Plan: You can think of the benefits of this plan by the word family. The Premium Family Plan offers premium music, without ads The most significant advantage is that up to 6 members of the family can access the service simultaneously. Your kids too can use the Spotify kids’ app to find suitable content. It’s 179.00 INR per month

5.) Premium Prepaid: The plan is made up of members who are busy on Spotify who do not listen to music every day or constantly. The plan provides the option of a premium day that you can select according to your preference as was the case with last decade’s plans for internet recharges. It’s 13.00 INR for a day. 39.00 INR for the week and 129.00 INR per month.

Features of Spotify Premium APK

Spotify Premium is a blend of a variety of specialties that make it an audio streaming service. When we look at the world map, Spotify is the #1 streaming service currently.

If you’re using Spotify free and are not able to come confronted with the features listed below at any time. We’ve discussed many of the premium features, but it’s time to talk about these features in full

Music streaming without ads

With Spotify Premium, you can browse and listen to all music without interruptions from ads. This is one of the greatest benefits of Spotify premium as it means that being stuck between ads is the worst thing that can happen to every person’s day, and since music is by far the most enjoyable aspect of life, nobody can control interruption while listening to music.

Premium Sound Quality

Spotify categorizes its sound quality according to which user has paid for or not. If you’re a trial or no-cost trial member, you’ll receive between 96 and 160 Kbps quality. However, if you’re a paid (or premium) member you’ll receive up to 320 kbps which is the highest quality music.

In terms of quality, Spotify offers better quality music than Gaana, Apple Music, Youtube music, or any other music streaming service.

Unlimited Music Skips

Everybody wants this feature on Spotify Free. Spotify Free version is free without cost, However, you are able to access this feature exclusively on Spotify Premium only. Spotify premium apk the latest.

the feature allows you to listen to unlimited music in continuous play. While in the trial period you are able to skip a maximum of six tracks for one hour, which results in you listening to songs you don’t want to hear.

No Root Required

There are many modified or recreated applications that require root access in order to operate. However, this application, which is the Spotify Premium application you will download in this article will not require root access in order for its initial launch or to make use of it.

There are many disadvantages that rooting your gadget has,, the security of your device is our primary concern.

Unlimited Offline Download

It is possible to test the feature of downloading virtual space in many streaming applications, whether it’s an audio stream or video. It is among the most significant features that matter much to the users.

Because no one would like to be able to access music or video only when connected, offline music is among the most sought-after features in every media service. With Spotify Premium, you can download any song or podcast from the vast collection.

Spotify Premium APK MOD Features

  • Download music to listen offline
  • Enjoy the stunning audio quality
  • There are no ads, just continuous music
  • There is no obligation to cancel at any time you’d like
  • Find new music, albums, and podcasts
  • Find your top artist, track or podcast
  • Enjoy music specially created for you.
  • Create and share your personal playlists
  • Find the perfect song for your mood or activity
  • Listen to music on your mobile tablet, computer, PlayStation TV, and Chromecast speakers

What’s New

After a decade of Spotify updating, it has changed frequently until now. However, some of its recently upgraded features are amusing, which is outlined below.

Now , you can create your playlists 10 times cooler than before because on the playlist menu there are all titles listed by name as well as the artist Singer. However, you can now view album photos for the tracks.
The quality of songs is also improved. Now you can have your music be more louder and better quality by altering a few of the settings for equalizers, should try this method at least at least once.
You can now stop artists from Spotify This may sound crazy however, you are able to do it if the tracks are playing repeatedly it is possible to block the artist.


After going through all the features in Spotify Premium and finally we reached the conclusion that, indeed, the application is worth it, the service deserves this popularity.

Because it comes with a variety of amazing features that will make you think twice, it’s incredibly easy to use, unlike other music streaming apps that don’t play the same songs of the songs of your preference.

We believe that you should give this app an attempt, as it is the version that is premium and you don’t need to shell out any money to purchase it. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about virus or bugs since we’ve mentioned before that it’s completely unaffected by bugs.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

Is it secure to download Spotify Mod APK?

It’s it safe for you to download and install because this application is bug and virus-free and has been has been tested by our expert colleagues on many devices.

How do Download Spotify Premium APK 2022?

To download Spotify Premium MOD APK, click the link and you’ll be directed automatically to the page for downloading. Then, after downloading it, go through the section above where the author has provided the steps to install it in detail.

How can get Spotify Premium at no cost?

Download Spotify Premium APK by acknowledging this entire article and then clicking the link. You must download it according to the above instructions and then leave a note when you encounter any issues when installing or downloading.

How to Mod Spotify Android?

The mod version is here with all unlocked features. you can download it below on click to download button.

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