WhatsApp Plus APK v21.10.0 [Anti Ban] Latest 2022

WhatsApp is a brand new application version for the Android platforms and also for iOS devices with some brand new features. The messages you transmit on WhatsApp Plus APK are encrypted from end-to-end meaning that nobody else can view your messages, besides the intended recipients.

App Name WhatsApp Plus
Publisher Apkloots
Version v21.10.0
Total Downloads  3,000,000+
App Size 50 MB
Update  July 8 , 2022

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You might have heard about WhatsApp Plus APK. The app is available to the Android platform. It’s a modification of the official Whatsapp. Both WhatsApp Plus APK are completely free, however with certain restrictions.

About WhatsApp Plus APK

In this article I’ve covered the entire features that are available on WhatsApp Plus APK , and I have also demonstrated how to utilize these amazing features.

First, let’s look at What Is WhatsApp Plus? It’s a modified version of the original Whatsapp. This version of Whatsapp has many interesting features that you’ll never find on WhatsApp Plus APK ..

WhatsApp Plus APK or WA+ is now very well-known and boasts 5,000,000+ users. It is evident that the majority of them have transferred away from Whatsapp and to WhatsApp+. This is a clear indication that WhatsApp+ has more options than rival Whatsapp.

Latest Version of WhatsApp Plus APK Download

Latest Version of WhatsApp Plus APK Download 

Download the WhatsApp Plus APK  2022 latest Version for free on Android. Not only that, it comes with a great feature that lets you manage multiple WhatsApp accounts from the same device. It’s the most requested feature that the majority of WA+ users like.

I’ve been using WhatsApp Plus for quite a while and it’s been beneficial to me. I use the application to block blue ticks, make use of several WhatsApp accounts, as well as to delete the message that was sent. This mod has amazing features that do not get with the official Whatsapp application. It is possible to impress your pals with the amazing Whatsapp and features. If you look online there are a variety of alternatives to Whatsapp accessible. The main reason behind choosing WhatsApp+ is quite simple. It is loved due to its amazing new features. WhatsApp Plus offers all the features you’ve had fun with your basic WhatsApp account up to the forefront and adds many more possibilities of its own to provide an improved chat experience.

Following using the initial WhatsApp design and functionality, WhatsApp Plus is a breeze by itself. It’s a fact that users don’t have to be able to adjust to different options and features as you did previously.

The app is only available to Android users. iOS users are not able to make use of this app since the creator of Whatsapp+ hasn’t developed the app for IOS users. However, don’t fret. You are able to try GBWhatsapp on iPhone It has identical features.

These are the top features that are available in WhatsApp Plus APK latest version You can auto-reply, set up messages, hide your online status, turn off DND mode and many more.

Updates will be sent to the app based on the official WhatsApp that is, every time Whatsapp announces a new update and you receive the latest versions of WhatsApp via this page.

Therefore, I strongly suggest that you bookmark this blog post. This will enable you get updates from WhatsApp Plus. Below I’ve explained the entire features of this application.

Features Of WhatsApp Plus APK

Like I said at the beginning of this post, WhatsApp Plus has a lot of awesome features. It is not possible to get all of these features with Whatsapp Plus, the original Whatsapp app.

After reading about these awesome features, I’m sure you’re very interested in trying this application. Below, I will highlight some of the most beneficial functions of the app. This feature can assist users to save time as well as provide a great user experience.

Privacy Features

Privacy Features

Whatsapp Plus allows you to hide your online activity and also concealing your Bluetick and the second. The feature will help users who do not want to expose their online activities to anyone else.



Whatsapp+ has an Anti-Ban feature that helps to ensure that your Whatsapp account secure and protected. If you’ve attempted or tried any WhatsApp Mods or mods, you need to be aware of your account being blocked.

This is not my experience as the creator of this application therefore I am unable to say whether or it doesn’t. Therefore, I would recommend that you do avoid using your primary phone number. Instead, create a temporary number following this guide.

Settings and Customization

Settings and Customization

It is a Modification for the WA+ that includes numerous styles, themes, customizable icons, and more. It is possible to change the colour of your Whtsappp’s bar. Change the screen of conversation, and you can customize the chat screen. In addition, you have a variety of themes, but you can also make your own personal themes.

Message Scheduler

Message Scheduler

My favorite feature, that this feature allows you to organize messages. You can set the time and frequency then WA+ will perform the job. It’s like a bot that sends your messages.

More Amazing Features –

Cover up your online activity: You can quickly conceal your online status by with Whatsapp+. There are many instances that we don’t want others to view what’s happening online.

Like Facebook, You can also avail an Active Status feature, which is the same way you do in the Whatsapp Plus. After you have enabled this feature, nobody will be able to find your online. That’s really interesting.

Block blue ticks whenever you transmit a message to anyone who receives it, the receiver will be notified of the message, and the sender is able to determine with an indicator of blue whether the recipient reads the text or not.

This is the standard feature, right. How about removing those blue ticks? It would be a great idea, right. This is why in this version, you can choose to hide Blue Ticks on WhatsApp.

Automatic Reply It’s already included within the Official WhatsApp application, however, it’s available only to Whatsapp commercial users. Normal WhatsApp Plus APK users can’t benefit from this feature.

However, Whatsapp+ has this feature to help users to use. You can set an Auto-Reply which the app will complete the job as bots. When someone replies to you that you have sent a message, your Whatsapp bot will forward a message to that person.

Writing status changes: You have seen numerous times that you and your partner are online. This means that anytime you type the other person can see that you’re typing. Therefore, if you’re not keen on showing your writing progress to other people the feature could be useful for you.

Status of recording: With the help of this application you can make your recording status invisible. When you enable this option the person who is watching your recording won’t be able to observe the status of your recording.

Modifications: Customization of HTML0: WhatsApp mod includes many options for customization. You can personalize your chat screen, change the layout of your chat as well as alter the colors of the theme. Additionally, you can upload your own theme and then apply it to your chat screen. You can also customize it as you like.

security: It is crucial to have security when using any app. In our Whatsapp app, there are numerous things we don’t want to reveal to anyone other than ourselves.

This means that you have an inbuilt lock feature that locks your WhatsApp by using the use of a password. It is possible that you have utilized third-party applications to protect your WhatsApp application, but here you have an inbuilt feature.

Sharing: As you have seen on official WhatsApp Plus APK the app, it is possible to share 10 photos at once. In WA+, you can share up to 50 photos at one time.

It is possible to send videos with longer durations for up to seven minutes. It is also possible to send videos with a size of up to 50 MB and audio sizes up to 100MB, which is another advantageous feature.

sticker packs: You can download sticker packs and then use them in the WA+ app. These packs are available for download on the internet. Search on Google and you’ll be able to locate the stickers. The stickers make conversations more exciting and enjoyable.

Cleaner: It can clear memes, trash files and trash chats that no longer need to be. It is possible to clean up everything with just one click. This feature can help you increase the size of your phone storage.

Logs and history: WA+ offers this incredible feature that records the activities you perform when you open the app, the amount of time you use the app, its opening as well as closing times. It can be useful to keep track of the use of your app.

Wallpapers: There are many beautiful wallpapers. You can add them to your screen to enjoy the experience.

Themes: The Themes feature is just one of the distinctive features of WA+. It is only available as a feature only on Whatsapp and All other mods do not offer this feature. You can basically design your own theme in the way you want. You can also download themes on the internet and then apply them. It’s up to you.

What is the difference Between WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp App?

There are many differences when you look at the two WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp. A few of them are listed below:

  • Within the WhatsApp+ application, if you want to send a photo or video to someone, you are able to alter the message. This preserves its quality. images and videos but you cannot have this option on WhatsApp.
  • With WhatsApp Plus, users are able to alter the header, theme or notification colors However, in
  • WhatsApp you are not able to change the theme, header, notification, or color.
  • Only files of 16 MB are shared through the native WhatsApp. However, this app allows sharing of files up to 50 MB.
  • There are a variety of security options in WhatsApp Plus APK and. It is possible to hide a variety of items, however, WhatsApp doesn’t have as high of security.
  • We are not able to upload more than ten images via WhatsApp. However, photos that exceed ten can be shared through WhatsApp Plus.


I’m sure that you enjoyed all the features offered by Whatsapp plus. Now you’re looking forward to installing this amazing application on your Android phone. However, before you install it you need to know the cons that come with WA Plus.

The current Whatsapp Plus account isn’t so secure like it was used be. How? Let me explain the air.

Official Whatsapp company is not the one that develops Whatsapp plus. Therefore, you could lose your account when you download and install the application.

Recently, WhatsApp revealed that they will be temporarily blocking all accounts. It is a matter of using any app that is not a third party application for Whatsapp. For instance, GB WhatsApp as well as Whatsapp plus. These apps were created by a third party and a company cannot not validate the security of users.

However, you don’t have to fret. It is possible to use the app to create a secondary Whatsapp account. On the FAQ page , the company provides all the steps needed to transfer away from apps that are third-party to use the original Whatsapp App with no loss of information if you’re temporarily banned.

It is legal for you to make use of WhatsApp Plus APK?

use of WhatsApp Plus APK

The question pops up in everyone’s head when they consider installing the WhatsApp Plus App. However, you don’t have to fret, because I’ll be able to answer your questions to help you be in a position to determine whether you want to install the application or not.

As you are aware, WhatsApp Plus is an external third-party app. The official WhatsApp application doesn’t allow the use of third-party WhatsApp Plus APK.

It is clear that the owner of the app will never allow the user to make use of a third-party application other than the primary Whatsapp application. We could consider Whatsapp Plus a grey app that is not legal or illegal.

WhatsApp has been constantly reminding its users to be aware that, if they is in violation of its guidelines or violate its rules, they’ll be punished. In addition, it has stated that if someone tampers using the application’s code or utilizes a third-party application such as WhatsApp Plus APK or WhatsApp Plus, they is banned.

Now, the company has announced that they will switch users from this altered version of Whatsapp and use the standard version. They also have released a notice to make users stop making use of Whatsapp Mod Apps.

Trust me when I say that I’ve used WhatsApp Plus for the last year without any issues. However to protect myself I suggest that you make use of it using your second number.

Is Whatsapp Plus Safe to Use?

It’s safe and does not include any kind of malware or virus. The APK file that we’ve shared is derived from the creator of WA+ so, don’t be worried.

For your complete satisfaction, look over the virustotal verified report that is provided below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I utilize GBWhatsapp as well as Whatsapp Plus app on the same device?
You must first uninstall GBWhatsapp , and then you can make use of WhatsApp and. However, you could also get an app called the Parallel Space App. The app lets you operate two apps simultaneously on your phone. By using this application, you’ll be able to also use what’s known as the Official Whatsapp App.

Is it Safe to use Whatsapp Plus on Android?

Absolutely secure to use. To be sure you can test the APK file on virustotal.com.

What is Whatsapp Plus APK?

WA+ APK is the modified version of Official Whatsapp. It includes many more features developed by the developers. You’ll find a variety of useful features that you won’t get in WhatsApp’s official app. WhatsApp. WhatsApp application.

How can get the Latest Whatsapp Plus APK?

In the previous section, I’ve shared with you the most recent version of the WhatsApp Plus APK. It is possible to install this APK to install and then run it. I’ve also given how to install the APK file in case you don’t know how to install it. To receive the most recent updates, be sure to Bookmark this article.

Does the app contain a virus?

It’s not, it’s absolutely free of viruses. It has been tested by Virustotal.com without malware. It is also possible to test the software on your own.

Final Words

So, we’ve provided you with all the information you require about WhatsApp Plus APK. In the coming posts, I’ll be sharing additional WhatsApp Mods for APK. Additionally, we do not own any of the apps that are provided on this blog. All APK files are downloaded from the internet as well as other sources.

I strongly suggest you not to make use of your primary phone number, as I said above. It is possible to use your temporary number to use WhatsApp Plus 2022. If you discover it difficult to download the app, or that this link isn’t functioning anymore, you can post a comment and I’ll attempt to fix the link as soon as I can.

The majority of our files are uploaded to Google Drive but sometimes google doesn’t like the file due to obvious reasons and their strict rules will remove the file. I ask you to comment, and the issue will be addressed. Please rate this article, which will assist us to update the content.

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