WhatsApp Transparent APK v13.00 (Extra Features/ Anti-Ban)

WhatsApp Transparent APK 2022: In this Instant communications technological age, WhatsApp is one of the most popular and most well-known protocols. it’s the reason it’s the top messaging service, with millions of users.

App Name WhatsApp Transparent
Publisher Apkloots
Version v13.00
Mod Info Anti-Ban and Extra
App Size
43 MB
Update  May 21, 2022

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Even the giant company Facebook was impressed by the services and features that are offered by WhatsApp and this led to the purchase of WhatsApp through Facebook.

After being a part of this community on Facebook, WhatsApp created several amazing features like darkness mode, an increase in the number of users who participate in Video calling guys, further sticker packages, and much more.

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WhatsApp was launched on the 18th of October, 2010, six years after the creation of Facebook. It was initially created for an instant-messaging platform that didn’t include a call feature or video call feature or even a Daily Status feature. It was initially designed as an instant messaging platform that allowed users to share images, videos as well as various media content.

Whatsapp Transparent APK Download 2022

WhatsApp Transparent APK

Now it is a decade since Whatsapp Transparent APK  has bolstered its service by introducing hundreds of unique features. Furthermore, WhatsApp is holding over 1.5 billion users across 180 countries and has established its status as the most used messaging app on the planet.

Whatsapp Transparent APK is a basic Android + iOS + web service that is primarily utilized as an instant-messaging platform however it is able to meet a lot of your requirements in one app. It allows you to send messages, images, video documents, audio clips, and almost everything else to your family, friends colleagues, clients, or friends.

Additionally, if you’re still learning the ropes or using a phone and you’re not familiar with the keyboard that allows you to send messages to your family and friends members, WhatsApp is the best alternative for you.

The app comes with a feature for voice chat in which you can send messages to someone else using Voice and with no typing.

There are a lot of additional options available through WhatsApp. There are a lot of additional features available in the WhatsApp application, making it the most popular instant messaging platform in the globe. To be completely familiar with Whatsapp Transparent APK  and its features, it is recommended to read this article. WhatsApp service and the features it offers it is essential to read the entire article.

About Whatsapp Transparent APK

The importance of customization is in the world of life to improve the quality of the experience. Today it is essential to make everything custom from an earring to a huge car , as it is the latest and modern technology that we all want.

Today we’re presenting an app that is among the best sought-after technological inventions that can be customized for an Android application — Whatsapp Transparent.

In essence, Whatsapp Transparent APK is the exact WhatsApp service and comes with the features that are available in the official app, however in addition, it consists of a variety of extra functions.

Multi-tasking apps can transform the entire Whatsapp Transparent APK  operation experience thanks to its adaptable resources and superior tools.

It is recommended to download the app via the link in this post and to learn more about the extraordinary nature of its features, look over the following section.


  • The Transparent version of WhatsApp gives you access to hundreds of font styles and themes.
  • In this app, you’ll discover an incredible assortment of emoticons.
  • The user can email up to 90 photos to your contacts simultaneously.
  • If you use the official WhatsApp the app, you are able to send video files that are up to 16 MB
  • While Whatsapp Transparent app lets you upload up to 70 MB size video in one breath.
  • The user interface that is Whatsapp Transparent is damn unique and spectacular.
  • There are more than 20 security and privacy settings on Whatsapp Transparent to keep your messages and data 100% secure.
    It also comes with it with a DND mode to block any call or message for a certain period of duration of.
  • Download WhatsApp status directly by clicking the download button within the app’s interface.
  • In addition to all of these options, There are a lot of other MODS that are available in this application including auto-reply as well as dark mode. Download this app now to experience the best features of this app.
  • Benefits of using this Whatsapp Mod
  • This APK extends the expiry time, which means you are able to utilize the app for an extended period of time.
  • Additionally, you can download pre-built themes by using this APK.
  • Then there’s an additional Fake Chat creator. It’s incredible.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Can I install Whatsapp Transparent on Android devices?

It’s safe to download Whatsapp Transparent APK from this article on your device because it has been tested on several accounts by our team of experts and we haven’t encountered one single problem. Furthermore, the app works with any device of any manufacturer that runs the Android 4.4 version. Therefore, you can download the application without any worries.

Can I deinstall Whatsapp Transparent if I wish to?

You can easily remove the Whatsapp Transparent anytime you want without having to worry. It is easily removed through the default uninstallation procedure on your device.

Do I have to grant the permissions required to download Whatsapp Transparent?

It’s a good question. In fact, you’ll need to allow certain permissions in order to use this app. Whatsapp Transparent application on your smartphone. However, don’t be stressed about permissions as the app only asks for the necessary permissions that an instant messaging app requires.

How do I change the settings of Whatsapp Transparent?

This Whatsapp Transparent APK available on this website is the most version that has been updated, and it includes more than 100 additional features as well as thousands of custom resources. However, in the future, should a new version is released for this application we’ll surely upload it to our website.

Can I be banned from making use of Whatsapp Transparent?

It’s true that Whatsapp Transparent version is the most secure and reliable version of WhatsApp that has less mistakes and bugs than earlier WhatsApp mods such as FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp. However, for your security make sure to use the demo account or another number for the first attempt.


Whatsapp Transparent APK  is continuously improving and is constantly adding new tools and features. At present, Facebook is also trying at the top of the line to offer the latest features in WhatsApp to improve performance.

This article was based on Whatsapp Transparent APK  and its incredible features. As well, we’ve also released the re-imagined version of WhatsApp that has a mystifying array of features.

Download it now to enjoy the same experience of messaging with custom resource collections, as well as amazing features.

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