YouTube Vanced APK v17.03.38 (Premium) Latest 2022

YouTube Vanced APK, a modified edition of the official YouTube application. It has a range of features not included in the official version which includes the capability to play video in background mode, stop ads and increase resolution.

App Name YouTube Vanced
Vanced Official
Genre Video & Entertainment
Latest Version v17.03.38
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Price Free
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Update May 26, 2022

About YouTube Vanced APK

YouTube Vanced APK is a modified variant of the YouTube app that comes with a number of features that aren’t available in the standard YouTube app. It allows you to stream videos offline, cast them to your TV or Chromecast as well as playback that is ad-free.

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YouTube Vanced APK isn’t available through the Google Play Store. Instead, it is downloaded from several third-party websites. After downloading, it can install on Android devices as a similar APK file.

YouTube Vanced APK

Although YouTube Vanced isn’t officially recognized by Google however it is an extremely popular option to use instead of the official application. It is extensively used by users who wish to make use of the features it provides.

In this post, we will demonstrate how you can download and install the YouTube Vanced APK to an Android device. Continue reading for more details!

What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is an altered version of the YouTube app that comes with various features that are not included in the official application. In the first place, YouTube Vanced APK MOD permits users to block advertisements.

When you’re watching videos as well as listening to music you’ll be able to get rid of those annoying interruptions. Furthermore, YouTube Vanced provides a range of playback control options that aren’t included in the official application.

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Features of YouTube Vanced APK

We’ve all heard that YouTube has seen massive growth even in the present. Due to this, the number of advertisements they’re displaying will only increase. To counter this, users have found this secret gem known as YouTube Vanced. What exactly can this program accomplish?

Adblocker: The most frequent complaint of YouTube users is the intrusive advertisements. Many videos feature these and some users have even added 10 ads within one video. This could cause a negative impact on the viewing experience for some viewers. However, it isn’t a solution If you wish to show your support to the creators of content by watching ads in their video content is just one of way.

However, if you do not wish to be a victim of annoying advertisements, then YouTube Vanced will do the job for you. The application comes with an integrated adblocker to block the advertisements. You can also modify the settings to make it more convenient for you and convenience.

Background Video Play: YouTube can play videos in the background another issue that a lot of users have to overcome while using the YouTube application is the inability to play videos in the background. However, in YouTube Vanced, it is possible to change the toggle that permits you to play them in the background! This means that you do not need to install the video offline to play them in the background. This feature is generally accessible in the premium version of YouTube which costs a monthly fee of dollars. It’s, therefore, a nice option to get it at no cost!

HDR Mode: HDR Mode YouTube constantly upgrading and enhancing their application every year. Today, they offer HDR Mode. HDR stands for High Dynamic range feature that can improve the video quality dramatically. The only issue in this mode is it’s not available on all phones can support it. Fortunately, Vance can force this option onto your phone, allowing it to play videos at the best quality possible. Additionally, you get access to the maximum resolution option, which allows you to play videos with resolutions that are normally unavailable on your phone.

Zoom in: your phone has a huge display on your smartphone you may have trouble showing certain videos. Fortunately, YouTube Vanced allows you to pinch and zoom. This will solve the issue to allow you to watch your videos without limitations!

Different themes: Another irritating issue that a lot of users are complaining about in the default YouTube application is the absence of themes. While they’ve released the dark theme recently, however, they’re not doing enough. However, if you install YouTube Vanced, it’s possible to get dark and other shades in addition.

Window style: You can also alter the window’s size to the previous or new one in the way you want. This isn’t a possibility with the default application, which requires you to accept the new style.

complex customizations: For those with a technical background with a keen eye for detail, the possibility of playing with the settings of apps is delightful. Because the default YouTube application does not allow such customizations, YouTube Vanced came up with an option. The app lets you alter Codec options, increase the resolution, switch information cards, and so on. There are a lot of possibilities for personalization within this application!

Loop videos: another undiscovered feature that many users would like is the capability to loop the video. If you’re looking to listen to music or watch a video on repeat and you want to play it over and over again, this feature is a great option.

Swipe controls: for the ultimate comfort, Vanced also allows users to swipe to alter the brightness and volume similar to streaming platforms. You don’t need to do it manually on your device.

Use it for free: The greatest benefit is that this application is totally free! You don’t need to log in or give out your credit card information to access it. It’s ideal for users who are looking to get the most value from YouTube!

Methods to Fix Error 400 on Youtube Vanced APK MOD

Why YouTube Vanced APK?

There are a variety of reasons why YouTube Vanced is a good option to watch videos. One reason is the fact that it comes with an integrated advertising blocker. This means you do not be able to view distracting ads when you are playing your YouTube videos. In addition, YouTube Vanced has the ability to playback your background.

This means you can play your videos even if aren’t actively using the application. This is ideal for times those who do other things with their tablet or phone. Additionally, YouTube Vanced allows you to download videos so you can view them offline. This is ideal if you’re planning an extended trip or you simply would like to save your favorite videos for later viewing.


Youtube Vanced APK is a modification of the most famous video streaming website that millions of people use. Vance is a modified version of YouTube which is meant to make the user experience of the website much better than the original one. Vance has a simple yet attractive user interface which makes it quite easy for the users to use it.

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